[The diagnosis of anthracycline-induced cardiac damage and heart failure].

  title={[The diagnosis of anthracycline-induced cardiac damage and heart failure].},
  author={Jarosław Dudka and Franciszek Burdan and Agnieszka Korga and Katarzyna Dyndor and Iwona Syroka and Justyna Zieba and Dorota Lewkowicz and Agnieszka Korobowicz-Markiewicz},
  journal={Postepy higieny i medycyny doswiadczalnej},
Routine examinations during chemotherapy containing anthracyclines evaluate heart function before treatment and monitor cardiotoxic effects during and after therapy. A number of methods are useful in cardiac assessment, including electrocardiography, radiology techniques (RTG, CT, MRI,PET-CT, PET-MRI), echocardiography, radioisotope imaging techniques (scintigraphy, MUGA,PET), and ultra-structure evaluation in biopsy samples. Nevertheless, there is a continuous need for new methods to predict… CONTINUE READING

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