[The descriptive epidemiology of suicide in Tuscany, 1988-2002].

  title={[The descriptive epidemiology of suicide in Tuscany, 1988-2002].},
  author={Michele Arcangelo Martiello and Francesco Cipriani and Fabio Voller and Eva Buiatti and Mariano Vincenzo Giacchi},
  journal={Epidemiologia e psichiatria sociale},
  volume={15 3},
AIMS To describe the epidemiology of Suicide in Tuscany according to the triad of time, place and person. METHODS The 4,764 cases of suicide, defined according to categories E950-E959 of ICD-9 in Tuscany over the period 1988-2002, were obtained from the Tuscan Mortality Register. Mortality indicators were calculated and analyzed. The spatial analysis was… CONTINUE READING