[The complication of a periproctal abscess--Fournièr's gangrene or necrotizing fasciitis? A case report].

  title={[The complication of a periproctal abscess--Fourni{\`e}r's gangrene or necrotizing fasciitis? A case report].},
  author={M. Pirkl and L S{\'a}kra and Svatopluk Kaspar and Miroslav {\vC}ern{\'y}},
  journal={Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske chirurgicke spolecnosti},
  volume={88 7},
INTRODUCTION Periproctal abscess is a routine diagnosis of everyday surgical practice. Fournièr's gangrene with progress to the sepsis is one of the most serious complication of this disease. CASE REPORT The authors present a case review of fulminant surgical infection run as a Fournièr's gangrene and a necrotizig fasciitis of a right lower limb and body with the progress of severe septic status, which started on the strength of a contusion with formation of a periproctal absceding haematoma… CONTINUE READING