[The cellular and molecular bases of "tooth framing"].

  title={[The cellular and molecular bases of "tooth framing"].},
  author={Vincenzo D'Ant{\`o} and Monica Cantile and Clemente Cillo and Alessio Valletta},
  journal={Minerva stomatologica},
  volume={52 11-12},
Progress in molecular biology in recent years has enormously increased interest in tooth generation. The enamel knot has been discovered, in consequence. This is a transient structure acting as molecular signaling center, responsible for controlling cusp formation, stimulating growth of surrounding epithelium, and generating new knots or their disappearance through apoptosis. Both tooth development and enamel knots are regulated by a cascade of gene activity where Fgf4, Shh, BMP4, Lef1 and p21… CONTINUE READING


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