[The allergenic significance of legumes].

  title={[The allergenic significance of legumes].},
  author={Maria Jo{\~a}o Ramos Pereira and Mar{\'i}a Teresa Belver and Cristina Yolanda Pascual and M Mart{\'i}n Esteban},
  journal={Allergologia et immunopathologia},
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Leguminous are a cheap source of protein that are cultivated practically throughout the world. They are the main source of food in developing countries. In the Mediterranean area and Middle East, the most commonly consumed legumes are lentils and chickpea. In the United States, United Kingdom and south-east Asia, the major legumes involved in food allergy are considered to be peanut and soy bean, respectively. The clinical manifestations of the allergy to legumes are similar for all legumes and… CONTINUE READING