[Testing of granulocyte function after gravity leukapheresis].

  title={[Testing of granulocyte function after gravity leukapheresis].},
  author={Ernst U Steinhauer and A Steinhauer and Dozent. Dr. D. Jorke},
  journal={Folia haematologica},
  volume={112 5},
In a laboratory model granulocyte concentrates are produced by a procedure of gravitational leukopheresis. Hydroxyaethyl starch (HAS) served as an accelerator of sedimentation. In a parallel test arrangement a preparation of hydroxyaethyl taken from the industrial production of the GDR and a control preparation (Plasmasteril) was used. The regaining rate of this method amounts to about 70 per cent with 98 per cent of living cells in the concentrates. Vitality, performance of phagocytosis and… CONTINUE READING