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[Terramycin, new antisyphilitic medication].

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Blutveränderungen bei Syphilis
In der Regel werden als normale Erythrocytenzahlen fur Manner 5,0, fur Frauen 4,5 Millionen angegeben. Auch der Hamoglobingehalt nach Sahli (normal 100%) liegt beim weiblichen Geschlecht um etwa 10%
Antibiotics other than penicillin in the treatment of syphilis.
THE increasing concern over penicillin sensitivity reactions has created a need for information on the use of other antibiotics for the treatment of syphilis. Although studies have been performed o...
Chemotherapy of spirochetal infections.
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Further Progress in Venereology*
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The treatment, which used to consist of injections every 2 to 4 hours with aqueous penicillins, daily with penicillin in oil-beeswax, and sometimes once or twice weekly with procaine penicillo with aluminium monostearate, may now be achieved by a single or a few injections.