[Teratologic effects of benzodiazepines].

  title={[Teratologic effects of benzodiazepines].},
  author={L A Hern{\'a}ndez Alvarez and M C M{\'a}rquez Orozco and A M{\'a}rquez Orozco and J J Hicks G{\'o}mez},
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Benzodiazepines are drugs that belong to the group of minor tranquilizers. They derive from the 1-4, benzodiazepine common nucleus that was obtained by chemical synthesis and act upon the GABA receptors increasing their affinity, thus providing them with their tranquilizing, miorelaxing, and anticonvulsant properties. Due to these characteristics they have been used in a wide variety of disorders accompanied by anxiety, hyperexitability, convulsions, and muscular hypertony, as well as during… CONTINUE READING