[Television, advertising, and nutritional behavior of children].

  title={[Television, advertising, and nutritional behavior of children].},
  author={John Schmitt and J P Voilquin and A Aubr{\`e}ge and D Langinier},
  journal={Bulletin de l'Academie nationale de medecine},
  volume={173 6},
  pages={701-6; discussion 706-7}
The more and more prevalent misuse of custom of TV programs is a society's phenomenon, specially in the rich countries. This misuse is particularly dangerous for children, because of the implication of three factors: repercussion on health and familial climate, inauspicious impact of advertisings and nibling's phenomenon. Therefore, the children are manipulated, even if they keep a critical mind; in fact, they are very receptive, and by seduction-persuasion, they undergo an indoctrination… CONTINUE READING

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