[Taenia saginata: an eternal problem?].

  title={[Taenia saginata: an eternal problem?].},
  author={Stanny Geerts},
  journal={Verhandelingen - Koninklijke Academie voor Geneeskunde van Belgie},
  volume={52 6},
  pages={537-63; discussion 563-4}
  • Stanny Geerts
  • Published 1990 in
    Verhandelingen - Koninklijke Academie voor…
Although the official figures of the meat inspection services show that the number of Belgian slaughtering cattle, infected with cysticercosis decreased during the last 20 years from 0.3 to 0.03%, the data collected during this study, prove that the parasite is absolutely not dying out. Detailed examination of slaughtering cattle showed that 9.5% of them are infected with cysticerci of T. saginata. This discrepancy with the official figures is due i.a. to the inappropriate detection techniques… CONTINUE READING