[Survey on visual and musculoskeletal symptoms in VDT workers].

  title={[Survey on visual and musculoskeletal symptoms in VDT workers].},
  author={Kazuyuki Iwakiri and Ippei Mori and Midori Sotoyama and Kaori Horiguchi and Takanori Ochiai and Hiroshi Jonai and Susumu Saito},
  journal={Sangyo eiseigaku zasshi = Journal of occupational health},
  volume={46 6},
With the spread of visual display terminals (VDT) in offices, the numbers of workers using VDT and the working hours at such equipment have increased rapidly in recent years. Also, preventive measures for fatigue have been proposed and the office-working environment has been improved. To examine the effects of the rapid changes in working conditions and environment on the health of VDT workers, we conducted a questionnaire survey in 2002. A self-reported questionnaire was distributed to 3,927… CONTINUE READING
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