[Surgical treatment of hip dysplasia through the medial approach].

  title={[Surgical treatment of hip dysplasia through the medial approach].},
  author={Y{\"u}cel T{\"u}mer and Ali Biçimoğlu and Haluk Ağuş},
  journal={Acta orthopaedica et traumatologica turcica},
  volume={41 Suppl 1},
Open reduction of developmental hip dysplasia by the medial approach is one of the effective surgical treatment methods during early childhood. Although surgical approaches, fixation and follow-up methods may vary, successful results can be obtained by the algorithm involving the posteromedial approach and arthrographic evaluation. The aim of open reduction by the medial approach should be to obtain Tönnis grade I arthrographic reduction of the dysplastic hip and to maintain it. Avascular… CONTINUE READING

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