[Surgical treatment for compensatory hyperhidrosis in Adie syndrome].

  title={[Surgical treatment for compensatory hyperhidrosis in Adie syndrome].},
  author={Mireia Serra Mitjans and Marco Antonio Callejas P{\'e}rez and J Valls Sol{\'e} and Ramon Grimalt Santacana and Matilde M Rubio Garay and M Iglesias Sent{\'i}s},
  journal={Archivos de bronconeumologia},
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Ross syndrome is characterized by a triad of tonic pupil, areflexia and segmental hypohidrosis. Hypohidrosis may be accompanied by contralateral hyperhidrosis, probably due to a compensatory mechanism. We report a case of Ross syndrome with socially disabling left-sided hyperhidrosis. Sympathectomy of the second and third thoracic ganglia was performed with satisfactory results. With excellent results in primary hyperhidrosis and very low morbidity, thoracic sympathectomy is the definitive… CONTINUE READING