[Surgical correction of choanal atresia. Our personal experience].

  title={[Surgical correction of choanal atresia. Our personal experience].},
  author={Juan Ram{\'o}n Gras and E Dom{\'e}nech and Juan Carlos Pardo Talavera and Montserrat Aranda G{\'o}mez},
  journal={Anales otorrinolaringologicos ibero-americanos},
  volume={18 3},
We find that the treatment indicated for bilateral choanal atresia in the newborn is the transnasal approach, maintaining the patency by means of soft tubes (endotracheal) through 5-7 weeks. The few which recurred were managed by the transpalatal technique. The AA. describe their own experience in 10 cases seen at the ENT-department of the Servasa Hospital, Alicante, between 1979-1989. 

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