[Superselective vagotomy. Preliminary results].

  title={[Superselective vagotomy. Preliminary results].},
  author={Pj. Kestens and Roger Detry and J. B. Otte and Luc Lambotte and R{\'e}n{\'e} Fiasse},
  journal={Acta chirurgica Belgica},
  volume={75 3},
Twelve patients suffering from an intractable duodenal ulcer are included in this review. Eleven were treated by superselective vagotomy without drainage, one had a selective vagotomy with pyloroplasty. A peroperative control of the gastric acidity after pentagastrin stimulation was used in all cases and permitted section of forgotten nerve fibers. Short-term results are satisfactory: after 2-6 months the clinical state of the patients is excellent (Visick I and II), basal acidity is decreased… CONTINUE READING

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