[Successful therapeutic management of risk pregnancy in primary Sjögren syndrome with plasmapheresis and dexamethasone].

  title={[Successful therapeutic management of risk pregnancy in primary Sj{\"o}gren syndrome with plasmapheresis and dexamethasone].},
  author={Eugen Feist and Thomas Doerner and A Wagenmann and Rabih Chaoui and Wolfgang Rohde and G. R. Burmester and Falk Hiepe},
  journal={Zeitschrift fur Rheumatologie},
  volume={55 2},
We describe a 28-year-old woman with primary Sjögren's syndrome who had a miscarriage in the 10th week of gestation in December 1993. In her second pregnancy plasma hyperviscosity and high antibody reactivities to 52/60 kD Ro(SS-A) and La(SS-B) represented elevated risk factors for abortion and fetal congenital heart block. Therefore, we performed plasmapheresis and administered dexamethason. At the end of 37th week of gestation a healthy boy was born by caesarean operation. Interestingly… CONTINUE READING