[Subperiosteal pisiform excision in misaligned fractures of the triquetrum].

  title={[Subperiosteal pisiform excision in misaligned fractures of the triquetrum].},
  author={Thomas TV Vordemvenne and Martin E Langer and Martin Neuber and Rainer Meffert},
  journal={Der Unfallchirurg},
  volume={106 6},
Isolated fractures of the os triquetrum are a very rare condition, since they are usually combined with other fractures of the carpus. An undetected isolated fracture of the os triquetrum in a 28-year-old pieceworker revealed an osseous consolidation with a misalignment of the joint surface on presentation 6 months after his primary injury. During the whole time he was unable to work due to the severely painful restricted range of movement of his wrist. There are no general guidelines for… CONTINUE READING

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