[Study on mitochondrial DNA D-loop polymorphism in Chinese donkeys].

  title={[Study on mitochondrial DNA D-loop polymorphism in Chinese donkeys].},
  author={Chuzhao Lei and Hong Chen and Gong She Yang and Wei-bin Sun and X Q Lei and Qing-Lan Ge and Zhao-Feng Wang and Ning Lu and Xue Wen Gao and Wen-Tong Hou},
  journal={Yi chuan xue bao = Acta genetica Sinica},
  volume={32 5},
The mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) D-loop sequences with 399 bp in 26 individuals from 5 donkey breeds in China were analyzed. Aligned by Clustal W software,the results showed that 23 polymorphic nucleotide sites and only transition with the percentage of 5.76% in 399 bp were observed. In reference to mtDNA D-loop sequences of European domestic donkey as a control, the average percentage of mtDNA D-loop nucleotide variation in 5 Chinese donkey breeds was 1.80%. The average percentages of D-loop… CONTINUE READING