[Study on food contaminants monitoring in China during 2000-2001].

  title={[Study on food contaminants monitoring in China during 2000-2001].},
  author={Maoqi Wang and Zhutian Wang and Lu Ran and Hongwei Han and Yongfang Wang and Dajin Yang},
  journal={Wei sheng yan jiu = Journal of hygiene research},
  volume={32 4},
The contamination levels of 10 main kinds of foodstuffs in 11 provinces and cities were monitored by the national food contamination monitoring system from 2000-2001. About 45 thousand data were obtained in strict quality control. The data indicated that the contamination level of lead was increased in 10 years in meat, eggs, milk-based products especially in preserved eggs, but the contamination levels of arsenic, cadmium and hydrargyrum were not serious by adopting the national standards… CONTINUE READING