[Study of an outbreak of itai-itai disease].

  title={[Study of an outbreak of itai-itai disease].},
  author={Yuko Morikawa and Hideaki Nakagawa and Minako Tabata and Muneko Nishijo and M Senma and Yasuhide Kitagawa and Seiichirou Kawano and Hidetoyo Teranishi and Teruhiko Kido},
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We studied an outbreak of itai-itai disease in the Jinzu River basin, in Toyama, Japan. One hundred and fifty females recognized as itai-itai disease patients till by 1990 were studied for the ages and years of onset and residence in the cadmium-polluted area. 1. Cases were recognized from as early as 1929, increased gradually to the peak of 1955-1959 and… CONTINUE READING