[Study of T-DNA integration loci in tobacco transgenic plants].

  title={[Study of T-DNA integration loci in tobacco transgenic plants].},
  author={Elena A. Filipenko and Maksim Filipenko and Elena V. Deineko and Vladimir Konstantinovich Shumnyĭ},
  journal={TSitologiia i genetika},
  volume={41 4},
From the total DNA of 17 transgenic tobacco plants the DNA fragments containing T-DNA/plant DNA junctions were amplified using inverse polymerase chain reaction. Comparison of the nucleotide sequences of 34 fragments with the GENEBANK sequences revealed homology with vector sequences outside T-DNA in 10 cases and no homology with the known nucleotide sequences in most clones. The AT-content varied from 51 up to 72% that is close to the total percentage of AT pairs in tobacco genome. Alignment… CONTINUE READING

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