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[Study of LPV oncornavirus reproduction in mixed cell culture].

  title={[Study of LPV oncornavirus reproduction in mixed cell culture].},
  author={A. Andzhaparidze and V. Lotte and L. Stepanova and N. R. Shukhmina},
  journal={Voprosy virusologii},
Electron microscopy and mathematical analysis were used to determine the intensity of LPV oncornavirus production by a single cell in co-cultivated human diploid cells and cells of the continuous T-9 line. Maximum production of intracytoplasmic particles of A type was observed at 48 hours of cultivation, and extracellular virions at 96 hours. Mature virions of B type were more numerous than mature virions of C type in the mixed culture. On the whole the amolnt of mature virions was greater than… Expand