[Structure of the cardial glands of the human esophagus].


The inferior and superior cardial glands of the esophageal wall have been studied in 156 mature persons (67 women and 89 men). The inferior cardial glands are represented as glandular brackets with predominance of secretory parts of the tubular form. In the superior cardial glands acini in the alveolar-tubular form are well developed. Glandular epithelium… (More)


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@article{Vdovtseva1985StructureOT, title={[Structure of the cardial glands of the human esophagus].}, author={V A Vdovtseva and Z. S. Khlystova and A N Bazhanov and G V Levin and Valentin Bauer}, journal={Arkhiv anatomii, gistologii i embriologii}, year={1985}, volume={89 9}, pages={67-9} }