[Stromal sarcoma of the male breast].

  title={[Stromal sarcoma of the male breast].},
  author={Kansei Komaki and Tadaoki Morimoto and Hiroshi Sonoo and Kenji Inui and Koji Harada and Kenichi Inoue and Hirohisa Inaba},
  journal={Gan no rinsho. Japan journal of cancer clinics},
  volume={30 2},
A 63-year-old man who had been aware for 5 years of a tumor near his left nipple was admitted complaining of rapid tumor enlargement. He received standard mastectomy under the diagnosis of breast sarcoma. The regional lymph nodes were not involved and the excised tumor was 12.0 cm in diameter it showed a grayish-white cut surface and a sharp border… CONTINUE READING