[Spontaneous aneurysmal portohepatic fistula: imaging diagnosis].

  title={[Spontaneous aneurysmal portohepatic fistula: imaging diagnosis].},
  author={Esteban Mayayo Sinu{\'e}s and M C Lid{\'o}n Lorente and Javier Fuentes Olmo and Domingo Yag{\"u}e Romeo and Antonia Pilar Soriano Guill{\'e}n and Rafael Uribarrena Am{\'e}zaga},
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Intrahepatic portosystemic venous shunts not related to trauma or biopsy are infrequent and their etiology is controversial. A congenital or acquired origin due to cirrhosis and portal hypertension has been proposed. Hepatic encephalopathy is present when there is associated cirrhosis. We describe a case of aneurysmal portohepatic venous fistula that was incidentally diagnosed with conventional ultrasonography and was subsequently confirmed by Doppler ultrasonography and computed tomography… CONTINUE READING