[Splenic artery aneurysms in pregnancy as a life threatening disorder].

  title={[Splenic artery aneurysms in pregnancy as a life threatening disorder].},
  author={Jarosław Koneczny and Paweł Poziemski and Marek Florczak and Agnieszka Nawrocka-Kunecka},
  journal={Ginekologia polska},
  volume={81 5},
Splenic artery aneurysms (SAA) is very rare and uncommon condition what makes it difficult in diagnosis and treatment. We report a rare case of 27-year old patient in 24th week of pregnancy with rupture of SAA. This article reviews the etiology, clinical features, diagnosis of this potentially lethal condition. Although there is prompt treatment, rupture during pregnancy is associated with a very high maternal and fetal mortality rate. The aim of the report is to draw attention of early… CONTINUE READING

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