[Small fibre neuropathy: knowledge is power].

  title={[Small fibre neuropathy: knowledge is power].},
  author={Janneke Hoeijmakers and Mayienne Bakkers and Eveline W Blom and Joost P. H. Drenth and Ingemar Sergio Jos{\'e} Merkies and Catharina G. Faber},
  journal={Nederlands tijdschrift voor geneeskunde},
  volume={156 7},
Small fibre neuropathy is a neuropathy of the small non-myelinated C-fibres and myelinated Aδ-fibres. Clinically, an isolated small fibre neuropathy is distinguished by sensory and autonomic symptoms, with practically no abnormalities on neurological examination other than possible distorted pain and temperature sensation. Specific diagnostic tests for small fibre neuropathy are skin biopsy, including a count of the intra-epidermal small nerve fibres that cross the basal membrane, and… CONTINUE READING
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