[Small bowel obstruction by a congenital band in 16 adults].

  title={[Small bowel obstruction by a congenital band in 16 adults].},
  author={Elias Habib and Andr{\'e} Elhadad},
  journal={Annales de chirurgie},
  volume={128 2},
UNLABELLED During embryogenesis, abnormal adhesion of the peritoneal folds induces a congenital band which can cause small bowel obstruction. PATIENTS AND METHODS From 1987 to 2001, 16 adult patients underwent surgery for small bowel obstruction due to a congenital band. There were 8 men and 8 women with a mean age of 59 years (range 23-90). None presented previous abdominal surgery. RESULTS Six patients presented acute abdominal pain the month before hospitalization. Among the 16 patients… CONTINUE READING


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