• Medicine
  • Published in Revista de saude publica 1992

[Sick building syndrome in bank employees].

  title={[Sick building syndrome in bank employees].},
  author={Ubiratan de Paula Santos and Davi Rumel and Norton de Assumpç{\"a}o Martarello and C S Ferreira and Mayara P. V. Matos},
  journal={Revista de saude publica},
  volume={26 6},
This study seeks, for the first time, to identify the sick building syndrome in Brazil. The study population consisted of 312 bank-clerks distributed in two closed buildings situated in S. Paulo city, Brazil. Data were collected by questionnaire, the design was cross-sectional and analysis made by logistic regression. Female, job satisfaction and inappropriate temperature were related to general symptoms. Female and inappropriate temperature were related to mucus membrane symptoms. Job… CONTINUE READING

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