[Sexual consequences of benign prostatic hyperplasia].

  title={[Sexual consequences of benign prostatic hyperplasia].},
  author={I Kawaciuk and Jan Cerny and P Dusek and L Safaŕ{\'i}k and Onilmar K{\"o}hler},
  journal={Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske chirurgicke spolecnosti},
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In this thesis are evaluated the sexual questionnaires retrieved from 412 patients (TVPE 101, TURP 272, TUIP + PRP 25, TUIP 14), who had been operated on during 1988-1993 for the BPH at the department of Urology, FN Motol. Before the surgery, 69.7% of patients were sexually active yet (28.6% regularly, 41% irregularly). Without sexual intercourse were 29.9% in the time of surgery and 2 patients (0.5% did not respond the questions. The sexual activity was rapidly declining in the 7th decade, in… CONTINUE READING