[Sequence analysis of ITS2 and CO1 genes of Paragonimus harinasutai].

  title={[Sequence analysis of ITS2 and CO1 genes of Paragonimus harinasutai].},
  author={Bao-zhen Qian and Hajime Sugiyama and Jitra Waikagul and Zhi-hang Zhu},
  journal={Zhongguo ji sheng chong xue yu ji sheng chong bing za zhi = Chinese journal of parasitology & parasitic diseases},
  volume={24 2},
OBJECTIVE To identify Paragonimus harinasutai from Ninghai, Zhejiang Province, China. METHODS Metacercariae were collected from the crabs Sinopotamon chekiangenes in Xixi village of Ninghai County for ITS2 sequence analysis, CO1 sequence analysis and endonuclease BsaHI and StuI analysis by PCR-RFLP. Results The fingerprintings of PCR-RFLP were virtually same to the isolate from Thailand (Nakorn-nayok). The ITS2 sequence with 366 bp and CO1 sequence with 390 bp of the metacercariae collected… CONTINUE READING

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