[Selenium methylation and toxicity mechanism of selenocystine].

  title={[Selenium methylation and toxicity mechanism of selenocystine].},
  author={Yasuyoshi Sayato and Katsuhiko Nakamuro and Takashi Hasegawa},
  journal={Yakugaku zasshi : Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan},
  volume={117 10-11},
Selenium is an essential trace element and a toxicant for animals. Selenocystine, a selenium-containing amino acid, is one of the chemical forms in which selenium exists in food. This review summarized recent studies on the toxicity mechanism of selenocystine in experimental animals. Hepatotoxicity is caused by repeated oral administration of selenocystine. Selenocystine is metabolized by reduced glutathione and/or glutathione reductase to hydrogen selenide via selenocysteine-glutathione… CONTINUE READING