[Segmental splenectomy. Usefulness of linear surgical staplers].

  title={[Segmental splenectomy. Usefulness of linear surgical staplers].},
  author={M da P Zago and Riccardo Rosati and Marco Montorsi and Carlo Rebuffat and Uberto Romario Fumagalli and Guido Torzilli and Giancarlo C Roviaro and Giuseppe Pezzuoli},
  journal={Minerva chirurgica},
  volume={44 23-24},
As the high risk of sepsis after splenectomy is well recognized, reliable conservative surgical techniques in splenic surgery are widely advocated. Among these, segmental splenectomy carries specific and increasing indications. The use of linear staplers makes this operation quicker and safer. On the basis of a personal observation, Authors examine the… CONTINUE READING