[Second-trimester abortions induced by dinoprost].

  title={[Second-trimester abortions induced by dinoprost].},
  author={John. Feldman and Joseph Jahier and A Mavel and Arno J. van de Kamp and M H Malbranche-Aup{\`e}cle},
  journal={Revue francaise de gynecologie et d'obstetrique},
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The authors evaluated the usefulness of prostaglandin F2 alpha in inducing second trimester abortions in two consecutive groups of patients. Progressive and fractionated intracervical instillation of 10 ml of Tylose gel containing 10 mg of Prostine F2 alpha is the least traumatic method of uterine evacuation in the majority of cases (18 out of 24 cases… CONTINUE READING