[Sclerosing mesenteritis].

  title={[Sclerosing mesenteritis].},
  author={Margarida Ferreira and Am{\'i}lcar F Silva and Manuela Meruje and Diogo Cabrita and Ana Figueiredo},
  journal={Acta medica portuguesa},
  volume={22 6},
The Sclerosing Mesenteritis is a rare idiopathic disease. It represents the final stadium of progression of the chronic inflammatory illnesses of the intestinal mesentery, with predominance of fibrosis. The clinical manifestations are varied and unspecific. Diagnosis, that demands high degree of suspicion, can be presumed for imaging study, that discloses heterogeneous mass with tumor-like appearance, and confirmed on the basis of anatomo-pathological examination. The treatment is empirical and… CONTINUE READING