[Scheduled reinterventions in the treatment of acute peritonitis].


UNLABELLED This is a clinical series of 83 cases, admitted in the Surgical Department of Fundeni Hospital between 1988-1996 of severe acute peritonitis in which scheduled reoperations (at least one planned reoperation at 24-48 hours after the first operation) were performed. The main criteria for scheduled reoperations were; unresolved source of… (More)


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@article{Popescu1996ScheduledRI, title={[Scheduled reinterventions in the treatment of acute peritonitis].}, author={I. Popescu and Dan Tulbure and G H{\^i}rşovescu and A Tonea and Adriana Popovici}, journal={Chirurgia}, year={1996}, volume={45 4}, pages={171-82} }