[Satisfaction with perinatal care in Vysočina region in the period between October 2013 and September 2014].

  title={[Satisfaction with perinatal care in Vyso{\vc}ina region in the period between October 2013 and September 2014].},
  author={Lea Tak{\'a}cs and Jitka Ml{\'i}kov{\'a} Seidlerov{\'a} and Filip Smol{\'i}k and Simona Hor{\'a}kov{\'a} Hoskovcov{\'a} and Pavl{\'i}{\vc}ek Anton{\'i}n and J Vař{\'a}kov{\'a} and Andrea Valov{\'a} and Tomislav J. Svoboda and Just{\'y}na Do{\vc}kalov{\'a}},
  journal={Ceska gynekologie},
  volume={80 6},
OBJECTIVE To assess women's satisfaction with perinatal care provided in maternity hospitals in Vysočina region, to identify the areas with high satisfaction scores as well as those requiring improvement, and to describe the factors influencing women's satisfaction, i. e. dissatisfaction with the care provided during labor and birth and the early postpartal period. DESIGN Original study. SETTING Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philo-sophy, Charles University, Prague. METHODS The… CONTINUE READING

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