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[Santiago Ramón y Cajal: his activity as a military doctor (1873-1875)].

  title={[Santiago Ram{\'o}n y Cajal: his activity as a military doctor (1873-1875)].},
  author={Moreno Mart{\'i}nez Jm and A Mart{\'i}nAraguz},
  journal={Revista De Neurologia},
: Santiago Ram n y Cajal entered the Medical Corps after graduating in Medicine in 1873. His marked Spanish nationalist character and his excellent physical condition led him to serve in the third Carlist war as a medical lieutenant and later in the Cuban War as a captain. His stay in Cuba, however, was marked by hardship and illness. The decline of Spain s colonialist policy, the war that was fought in a hostile climate and atmosphere, and the corruption of the military officers led to… 
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Ramón y Cajal as an Analytical Chemist of Bottled Water? Use (and Misuse) of the Great Savant’s Repute by the Industry
The name of the eminent neurohistologist Santiago Ramón y Cajal (1852-1934) was occasionally mentioned in commercial labels by the Spanish industry advertising mineral waters from natural spring