[SPA treatments of diseases pertaining to internal medicine].

  title={[SPA treatments of diseases pertaining to internal medicine].},
  author={Antonio Fraioli and Gioacchino Mennuni and Mario Grassi and Mar{\'i}a Alexandra Palomeque Fontana and Susanna Nocchi and Giulia Martina Tanzi and Luisa Petraccia},
  journal={La Clinica terapeutica},
  volume={161 2},
Authors resume the therapeutic employment of mineral waters, muds and baths in internistic syndromes or diseases. Mineral waters are used in the therapy of functional dyspepsia, gastro-oesophageal reflux, chronic primary stipsis, irritable bowel, biliary dyskinesias, mainly hypokinetic gallbladder and Oddi's sphincter, spasm, postcolecystectomy syndrome. The therapeutic effects of mineral waters are determined by their anion and cation content, the presence of undissociated salts and also by… CONTINUE READING