[Rous virus-induced sarcoma study of Macaca mulatta monkeys].

  title={[Rous virus-induced sarcoma study of Macaca mulatta monkeys].},
  author={F I Adzhigitov and D A Gubeladze and Boris A Lapin and J Chlozanek and Vlasta Sovov{\'a}},
  journal={Voprosy onkologii},
  volume={27 1},
The Carr-Zilber strain of Rous sarcoma virus is highly oncogenic for adult monkeys of the species Macaca mulata. In the present study the authors examined some characteristics of tumor growth, when the tumor either regressed or progressed until it killed its host. The kinetics of antibody formation to antigens coded as CZ-RSV was followed in animals with a… CONTINUE READING