[Rod of Asclepius. Symbol of medicine].

  title={[Rod of Asclepius. Symbol of medicine].},
  author={Pablo Young and B{\'a}rbara Cristina Finn and Julio Enrique Bruetman and Jorge Cesaro Gelos and Hern{\'a}n Trimarchi},
  journal={Revista medica de Chile},
  volume={141 9},
Symbolism is one of the most archaic forms of human thoughts. Symbol derives from the Latin word symbolum, and the latter from the Greek symbolon or symballo, which means "I coincide, I make matches". The Medicine symbol represents a whole series of historical and ethical values. Asclepius Rod with one serpent entwined, has traditionally been the symbol of scientific medicine. In a misconception that has lasted 500 years, the Caduceus of Hermes, entwined by two serpents and with two wings, has… CONTINUE READING