[Risk factors and neonatal outcomes in shoulder dystocia].


BACKGROUND Shoulder dystocia (SD) is a rare obstetrical complication but linked with a high perinatal morbidity and mortality rate. SD has been associated to a series of maternal and fetal risk factors due to a multifactorial etiology. This study analyzes the incidence of SD, its morbidity and associated risk factors. METHODS Cases of SD occurred at the… (More)


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@article{Marinetti2000RiskFA, title={[Risk factors and neonatal outcomes in shoulder dystocia].}, author={Elisabetta Marinetti and A. Zanini and P M Caglioni and G V Limona Ghezzi and Paula G Bellini and Valentina Doria and Alberta Locatelli}, journal={Minerva ginecologica}, year={2000}, volume={52 3}, pages={63-8} }