[Rhinofacial entomophthoromycosis. About two new cases in Mayotte].

  title={[Rhinofacial entomophthoromycosis. About two new cases in Mayotte].},
  author={M. C. Receveur and C{\'e}line Roussin and B Mienniel and O. Gasnier and Jean Pierre Rivi{\`e}re and Denis Malvy and Olivier Lortholary},
  journal={Bulletin de la Societe de pathologie exotique},
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Conidiobolus entomophthoromycosis is a rare mycosis due to an ubiquitary telluric fungus. Although the organism is found around the world, it is more concentrated in warm, wet climates. Cases have been described in West Africa, Australia, South America and India. Conidiobolus spp was also to be found in animal like horse. The transmission mode of… CONTINUE READING