[Rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis in the diabetic: a better known pathology in Tunisia].

  title={[Rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis in the diabetic: a better known pathology in Tunisia].},
  author={Sonia Anane and Emira Kaouech and Slah Belhadj and Lamia Ammari and Rim Abdelmalek and Taoufik Ben Ch{\^a}abane and Slah Ben Lakhal and Aziz Cherif and M Ammamou and Kamel Ben Fadhel and Kalthoum Kallel and Emna Chaker},
  journal={Annales de biologie clinique},
  volume={67 3},
This is a retrospective study including 17 patients with rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis diagnosed in a period of 16 years, between 1992 and 2007, in 8 men and 9 women. All patients were diabetic with ketoacidosis diabetes in 8 cases. Necrosis facial and ophthalmic symptoms were the most frequent presenting manifestations. The diagnosis was confirmed by mycological examination, with or without histopathology, identifying Rhizopus oryzae in 12 cases. Treatment consisted in systemic… CONTINUE READING
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