[Retrograde ileography. Contrast imaging of the terminal ileum by colonoscopy].

  title={[Retrograde ileography. Contrast imaging of the terminal ileum by colonoscopy].},
  author={F A Halvorsen and St{\aa}le Ritland and Tor Erik Gudmundsen and Thomas Pedersen},
  journal={Tidsskrift for den Norske laegeforening : tidsskrift for praktisk medicin, ny raekke},
  volume={110 9},
The distal ileum, the segment most frequently affected by small intestinal disease, may be difficult to visualize by conventional x-ray techniques. In recent years various methods have been described for retrograde ileography during or after colonoscopy. However, these methods require special equipment and may be difficult to perform in practice. We have therefore tried out a somewhat modified technique. Patients with suspected distal ileal disease are examined on a fluoroscopy table at the x… CONTINUE READING

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