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[Results of treatment of cancer of the lip].

  title={[Results of treatment of cancer of the lip].},
  author={J A Rond{\'o}n Ayala and R Ayala Izaguirre},
  journal={Revista cubana de estomatologia},
  volume={26 4},
A study was carried out in Sancti Spiritus Province in the 1984-1986 period about the results of the treatment of lip cancer. Male patients were the most affected by lip cancer (CIE 8-140) in our series. The place of the tumor was predominantly the lower lip (p less than or equal to 0.001). Surgical treatment was used in 96.8% of the cases and the cuneiform (wedge-shaped) exeresis was the most commonly used method in the early stages of the disease (T1 y T2). Castañón keloplasty was the… CONTINUE READING

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