[Respiratory failure in the child]

  title={[Respiratory failure in the child]},
  author={Jefferson Pedro Piva and Paul Cerda Garc{\'i}a and Jo{\~a}o Carlos Batista Santana and S{\'e}rgio Saldanha Menna Barreto},
  journal={Jornal de pediatria},
  volume={74 Suppl 1},
OBJECTIVE: To describe the main physiopathologic mechanism of the respiratory failure in the child, as well as to discuss some aspects of the differential diagnosis and treatment. SOURCE OF DATA: The main national and international textbooks and articles about respiratory failure in the child were used as sources of data for this research. RESULTS: Respiratory failure is defined as the incapacity to maintain a paO(2) over 50 mmHg associated or not to a paCO(2) over 50 mmHg in children breathing… CONTINUE READING