[Resistance of Antarctic microorganisms to UV radiation].

  title={[Resistance of Antarctic microorganisms to UV radiation].},
  author={Victoria Romanovskaya and A B Tashirev and N A Shilin and N. A. Chernaya and P. V. Rokitko and A S Levishko},
  journal={Mikrobiolohichnyi zhurnal},
  volume={73 3},
The paper deals with the samples of microorganisms isolated from biofilms of encrustation of 11 stationary points of monitoring on the vertical rock of biogeographical testing ground (island Galindez, Antarctic Region). They are presented by morphologically various forms of bacteria (n x 10(7) cells in 1g of sample), yeast (n x 10(5)) and fungi (n x 10(4)-10(6)). Threshold and lethal UV dozes for isolated monocultures of the Antarctic microorganisms are determined. The threshold doze of UV… CONTINUE READING

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