[Repair of umbilical hernia in postmenopausal women].

  title={[Repair of umbilical hernia in postmenopausal women].},
  author={Giuseppe Benfatto and A Jiryis and Greta Di Stefano and Giuseppe Strano and Roberta Giovinetto and D Centoze and Lisa Biondo and Denise Carastro and F Mugavero and Guido Zangh{\`i}},
  journal={Il Giornale di chirurgia},
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The Authors report their personal experience on the employment of the dual-mesh in PTFE for the treatment of the umbilical hernias in postmenopausal women. The prosthetic repair versus the classic Mayo's technique finds justification for the biostructural deficits of the muscolofascial structures of the women in menopause, due to the reduction of the… CONTINUE READING