[Reoperations of the thyroid gland].

  title={[Reoperations of the thyroid gland].},
  author={M. R. Diaconescu and Mihai Glod and Ioan Costea and Mirela Palade and Mirela Grigorovici},
  volume={102 3},
Reoperative thyroid surgery may be necessary in recurrent simple goiters, thyrotoxicosis and especially cancers of the thyroid gland. The present series reviewed 33 cases representing 7.3 % from our experience consisting of 440 thyroid operations. Five patients had undergone two prior operation. Details of original procedures were available only for 26 patients, the first operations being carried "extra muros" in 20 cases. There were 25 women and 8 men with mean patient age 44.5 (range 22-75… CONTINUE READING
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